Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Young People Interested in Fencing

By Jack Simony

A recent article in the San Jose Mercury News says fencing is the new sport of choice for young people.

The Pacific Fencing Club in Alameda, California has been open since 1984 and has seen the shift in age first hand, owner Harold Hayes told the newspaper.

Fencing is a great sport for younger people to get involved with. It’s gets them off the couches and learning a skill-based sport that can improve their concentration and ability to read their competitor – something they will use every day whether they are a businessman or a writer.

"When I was in college and decided to go out for fencing instead of football, many people were surprised at my choice, given my natural build and love of the game," Jack Simony said. "But, overtime fencing has proven to be one of the most rewarding sports I've ever engaged in and I'm delighted I have been able to stay competitive and aggressive at any age."

- By Jack Simony