Sunday, January 23, 2011

Date Night

By Jack Simony

They're calling it "Date Night", but it's not exactly Blueberry Hill that they're pairing up on.  Nope, it's Capitol HIll, and it's this Tuesday night when legislators will be showing up and sitting with their favorite colleagues from across the aisle:

The pairings themselves are intriguing, but not as interesting as the fact of the pairings itself, happening at an event at which the President will be urging bipartisanship.  The symbolic gesture has picked up steam since the tragic events of Tucson earlier this month.  Senator Kirsten Gillirand (whose pairing with fellow attractive Senator John Thune is generating great attention) has called it a "symbol of what's to come."  

Maybe.  I tend to doubt it.  Even at the event itself, the lawmakers wlll tend to be rooting for their own team, cheering and applauding -- or decidedly not doing so -- in keeping with their parties' positions.  A new era of bipartisanship?  I'd love to see it.  I doubt I will, regardless of what I see on Tuesday night.

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