Monday, June 6, 2011

Best Blogs of 2011

I am not a Blogger (capital "B"), I'm more of a blogger. I read or hear or see something in the world and am occasionally moved to write about the experience. Perhaps the blogs get read, perhaps they don't. But the process of writing them is in and of itself satisfying.

It also has sparked an interest in blogging, generally. People blog about absolutely everything under the the sun and everything beyond it.

Time Magazine posts its "Best Blogs of the Year." This year's list is a well-rounded selection of entries from politics to economics to fashion to cars to sports to lists (yes, lists made the list!) to climate change to itemizations of the contents of the backpacks and handbags of everyday people (yielding fascinating insights into the personalities of said people) to analyses of every David Bowie song to video games and gaming to celebrities to the minutia of a mom's everyday life. The writing on these sites ranges from funny to crisp to elegant; it is all good. The content is surprising, fresh and interesting. The Times' list has something for everyone.,29569,2075431,00.html

Go! Skim! It'll do you good.
-Jack Simony

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