Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Food Pyramid Gets a Renovation

First Lady Michele Obama will unveil today an updated version of the food pyramid, to replace the current icon.

The new icon depicts more clearly the information it wishes to convey. It is the hope of the First Lady that it will help consumers make healthier food choices.

It seems like a small gesture, however it could be a useful tool for those who need the visual aids. Michele Obama is waging a war on many fronts to diminish malnutrition and obesity in our country. People mistakenly assume that an obese person is not malnourished when, in fact, the two problems are the two sides of one coin: The food available to our nation's poor is low in nutrition and high in fillers and such that cause obesity. Hence, our nation's poor tend to be both obese and malnourished. I applaud Michele Obama's endeavors on behalf of our nation's hungry. If the new food pyramid icon is part of the educational component of this endeavor, terrific. Enjoy the new icon, everyone.
-Jack Simony

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